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Law of the Month: Watch out for tractors on the roads

Eau Claire (WQOW) – Farmers are far from hitting the hay with fall harvest underway, and the State Patrol wants to remind drivers to watch out on the roads as they bring in their loads.

For the next few weeks, more slow-moving tractors, combines and oversized vehicles will be on rural roads.

State Patrol Lieutenant Les Mlsna said that also means chances for a crash increase. He said if you come upon a tractor, slow down, do not pass in a no-passing zone and pay attention to the farmer’s turn signal.

“Farmers are pretty good about checking around them and being aware of their situation. However, we have to work together with the farmers to make that a safe environment,” Mlsna said.

Mlsna added it is important to limit distractions because you can come upon a slow-moving vehicle very quickly.

Stephen Kelley

Stephen Kelley joined the News 18 team in August 2006. He is currently the Executive Producer.

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