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Homemade quilts give comfort after mammogram

Ladysmith (WQOW)- One Bruce woman is crafting hundreds of quilts for those who get their annual mammogram during breast cancer awareness month.

Maxine Geisler has been making quilts since she was a child, and with every stitch, her passion grows.

“A day doesn’t go by that I’m not working on somebody’s quilt,” Geisler said.

Right now all of her energy is going towards making handmade quilts for people getting a mammogram at Marshfield Medical Center in Ladysmith.

Geisler said she makes two to 300 hundred quilts a year for patients.

“I think I bring joy in there because there’s something in those quilts,” Geisler said. “It’s a part of me that goes into making them for them.”

Wednesday Maxine got the chance to see the joy her quilts bring.

“When I found out I was the first one that she’s ever presented one of her quilts to it was pressure for me,” said Annette Barna a patient at Marshfield Medical Center in Ladysmith. “I feel honored I mean Maxine is a great person.”

Geisler’s quilts provide more than warmth but also camaraderie.

“Anytime the sisterhood of women can band together and say give a little cheer on I think it just makes unpleasant procedures a whole lot more pleasant,” said Karna Mortimer a mammography technologist at Marshfield Medical Center in Ladysmith.

Although the hospital only gifts the quilts to patients during October, Geisler never stops stitching.

“When she tells me to quit making them because it’s the end of October I have a hard time with that,” Giesler said. “I like to keep on making them, so I just make them throughout the year because I know how many they use here.”

Hospital officials said roughly 150 women get their mammograms during breast cancer awareness month.
The rest of the year they see around 100 patients a month.

Shannon Satterlee

Shannon Satterlee joined News 18 in February 2018 as a Multi-Media Journalist.

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