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Wisconsin leaders raise a glass to craft breweries

Eau Claire (WQOW) – State officials raised a glass to Wisconsin’s craft brewers on Thursday.

Governor Tony Evers and state officials split up and toured eight craft breweries across the state – including the Brewing Projekt in downtown Eau Claire as part of Wisconsin Craft Brewery Day.

Economic development experts say the craft brewing industry supports more than 16,000 jobs and generates more than $750 million in wages for Wisconsinites.

“There’s often a drawing effect, so people travel and they’ll find an opportunity to visit a brewery. While they’re in town, they might visit somewhere else for lunch or buy some gifts at surrounding businesses,” said Aaron Hagar with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

Brewing Projekt owner William Glass said his business has been around for five years. He said Wisconsin gave his establishment the tools to thrive.

“It’s great from an innovation standpoint,” Glass said. “We’ve got really quality great resources, raw materials available, very close by, a culture of brewers who want to help their fellow brewer. Wisconsin is just a nice place to make beer.”

According to World Atlas, there are more than 160 craft breweries in Wisconsin and the number keeps growing.

Katrina Lim

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