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We’re now tied for the 4th longest streak of 80+ degree days of 2019

High temperatures once again climbed above 80 degrees in Eau Claire, with temperatures for most spots in Western Wisconsin also getting near or above 80. That means our streak of 80+ degree days that started Sunday now stands at 5 days, and tomorrow is also forecast to hit the mark.

Whether it hits 80 or not, we’ll have the 4th longest stretch of 80 degree or warmer temperatures of 2019 by the time it ends. Saturday is forecast to have a high of 77, so while there’s a chance the streak hits 7 days, it’ll stop at either 5 or most likely 6.

This warm stretch will come to an end through a series of fronts that will bring rain chances. While we are above average in precipitation, we haven’t had nearly the rain that southern Wisconsin has had over just the past 24 hours, let alone the past week even though we got between 3 and 5 inches last week. Places to the south got more then and even more this week. They’ll have a flash flood risk with any additional rainfall, while the threat for us is lower thanks to relatively lower rain totals recently.

The first chances arrive tomorrow, though right now the chances have been dropped into the “slight” category as the approaching cluster of showers will be falling apart as they enter Wisconsin. A few could pop up from time to time, but this drier forecast does allow for a higher chance of hitting the 80 degree mark again.

Chances increase overnight and become likely by Saturday. Scattered showers and storms will move through for much of the day. It’ll still be humid but the clouds and breeze should be enough to keep us below 80.

We’ll start to feel like fall again starting Sunday, and that continues through the Autumnal Equinox.

More rain chances arrive in the middle of next week, and while that might bring warm temperatures back, it doesn’t look like it’ll more than a day or two.

Matt Schaefer

Matt Schaefer was promoted to Chief Meteorologist in July of 2019 and has been our evening meteorologist for News 18 since June of 2016. Prior to that, he was our Saturday meteorologist starting in September 2014.

Matt was born and raised in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He enjoys all the extremes that mother nature throws at the Badger State: from severe thunderstorms to blizzards to subzero temperatures.

Matt studied meteorology in the Midwest as well, earning his Bachelor’s of Science in Meteorology at Valparaiso University in Indiana. There, Matt was heavily involved in VUTV Weather, the Valpo student chapter of AMS/NWA, and VUSIT (Valparaiso University Storm Intercept Team). He’s logged more than 20,000 miles chasing and studying severe storms all across the country and witnessed nine tornadoes including six in one day!

Matt describes himself as a Wisconsin boy at heart and enjoys cheering for the Packers, Brewers, Badgers, and Admirals just to name a few. He loves simply being outdoors and enjoys the Wisconsin wilderness especially in fall, and whitetail deer season!

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