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Miracle piglet becomes mascot for Chippewa Valley farm

Chippewa Falls (WQOW) – Last month, Nolan and Elizabeth Warwick took a big hit on their new farm.

“It was not only a big financial loss, but also just an emotional loss,” Nolan said.

One of their mother pigs had complications giving birth, and even after vet intervention, they lost that pig and all but one of her babies.

“I’ve gained just this undying love for her,” Elizabeth said.

Clove the piglet is the lone survivor and runt of the litter, who turned the sad situation on its head.

“It was really just a blessing and a glimpse of hope,” Nolan said.

As an orphan, Clove had no mom to nurse on or siblings to keep her warm at night. So Nolan and Elizabeth took it upon themselves to bottle feed her, put her to sleep at night, and keep her not as a farm animal, but a pet.

“Not just a pet, but she does feel like my child in some strange way,” Elizabeth said.

Now at four weeks old, Clove seems almost more like a dog than a piglet. She follows her owners around, snuggles in bed with them and begs for attention.

“It’s not fun to wake up at 2 a.m. to a scream that is unlike any scream you’ve ever heard, but yet in the end when you see her get out of her kennel in the morning and she just is bouncing around with so much energy it makes it all worth it,” Elizabeth said.

Clove will still pull her weight in the family business, too. The Warwicks’ farm, Woolly Pig Pastures, invites customers to come and see where their food comes from, and Clove just landed the job as farm mascot and tour guide.

“Having Clove around too, is also going to demonstrate how much we respect pigs and respect the farm to table movement, and she is a great reminder of where our food comes from,” Nolan said.

Clove will grow to be around 600 pounds when she reaches full size, and could live over 20 years. Nolan and Elizabeth are keeping her around for all of it.

“She’s going to be our forever pig, for sure,” Nolan said.

The Warwicks share updates of Clove on their Instagram page. They are also launching a Facebook page soon as well. It will be searchable as Woolly Pig Pastures.

Mary Pautsch

Mary came to News 18 in July 2019 from Sioux City, Iowa where she graduated from Morningside College with a BA in Spanish after attending Iowa State University for 3 years.

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