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Eleva man accused of planning to kidnap, rape, paralyze & kill woman reaches plea deal

Trempealeau County (WQOW) – A man accused of helping in a plot to kidnap and kill a woman has pleaded guilty to some of the charges against him.

Chad Anderson and Ryan Gunderson faced 21 combined charges in the case.

Court records show Gunderson taped a conversation with Anderson where they talked about plans to kidnap, rape, paralyze and kill a woman.

Police said Anderson advised Gunderson to fill up a gun magazine with hollow points in case he needed to switch targets when police showed up.

This information came to light after Gunderson was shot by the Strum police chief after he pointed a gun at officers last October.

As part of a plea agreement, Anderson pleaded guilty to amended charges of 1st degree recklessly endangering safety and stalking as well as false imprisonment.

Based on the charges, he faces up to 22 years in prison at his sentencing hearing in November.

Gunderson has a plea hearing on the calendar in October.

Stephen Kelley

Stephen Kelley joined the News 18 team in August 2006. He is currently the Executive Producer.

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