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Bloomer Lake Association buys harvester to clean up Lake Como

Bloomer (WQOW)- A new purchase is helping to clean, and beautify Lake Como in Bloomer.

A harvester moves around the lake and collects the top surface of water plants so the weeds don’t get stuck in boat motors. It also makes the lake look cleaner.

The Bloomer Lake Association purchased the used 10 foot harvester from Rice Lake for $30,900.

Board member Mike Randall said new harvesters retail for roughly $170,000.

Randall said city council donated $10,000 for the equipment, and a loan covered the rest of the cost.

He said one of the best parts is the weeds they harvest are being recycled.

“We’ve made arrangements with two farmers,” Randall said. “One a mile north of town, one a mile south of town and we dump it in their pasture. They let it dry down, they mix it with the manure in their pasture and it’s going to be spread back in the fields.”

Randall said when it gets really hot in the summer into the 80s they’ll have to use the harvester every ten days.

When temps are cooler, it’s only needed every 20 days or so.

He said so far the harvester has made a big difference on the lake.

If you’re interested in joining the lake association, Randall said you can pick up an application at the chamber office at the Bloomer Aquatic Center.

Shannon Satterlee

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