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White tiger exhibit makes it to Central Wisconsin State Fair despite controversy

MARSHFIELD (WAOW) – Months of meetings finally gave the approval for two white Bengal tigers come to the 118th Central Wisconsin State Fair.

“There was controversy on health records and we checked everything out and everything is up to speed,” said Dale Christiansen, the executive director of the fair.

Many people voiced their opinion during the pre-planning stages of the fair because they were worried about the tigers being uncomfortable.

“We respect everyone’s opinion but we still decided to go through with it and bring them in,” he said.

Christiansen said he understands the controversy surrounding the exhibit because people were worried about the well-being of the tigers. However, handlers said the tigers are being well kept.

“Just come down and see for yourself… they are comfortable and they are happy,” said Lisa Lopez, a tiger handler.

Handlers like Lopez are using this as an educational opportunity because most people aren’t able to see a tiger up close.

For those who aren’t cat fans, the fair has more than 60 different vendors and barn animals.

Last year the fair brought in $750,000 to the Marshfield economy.

Corey Viars

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