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ECPD tells how to notice a person gone missing, and when to report it

Eau Claire (WQOW) – It often doesn’t take long for a parent of a loved one to file a police report if a child goes missing.

When it comes to adults, it’s harder to know if someone is just off the grid, or actually missing.

The Eau Claire Police Department gets multiple calls a week from people reporting a missing person, and multiple calls a day for general welfare checks.

Officials say there is no set criteria for calling in a case, but if you cannot make contact and things are out of the ordinary, it may be time to actually get police involved.

“Anything really out of that person’s normal pattern [is a sign],” said Bridget Coit with Eau Claire police. “Are they normally on social media, are they normally texting, or calling somebody? Have they not shown up for work in a couple days, or if they haven’t shown up for work have they not called and notified they normally would have in the past?”

There’s no specific time requirement for reporting a missing person in Wisconsin.

Coit says often times, when a case is reported, the person is located within just a few hours.

She adds that you should not hesitate to call if there’s a concern, and that requests for welfare checks are generally kept anonymous.

McKenna Alexander

McKenna Alexander is the weekend anchor and a multimedia journalist for News 18. She started in June 2019. She was born in San Francisco, but spent the majority of her life growing up in Dallas.

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