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Rep. Kind promoting affordable prescription drug legislation

Eau Claire (WQOW)– Representative Ron Kind said rising prescription drug costs are forcing some people to chose between their health and their livelihood.

Kind said this is especially troublesome for seniors, many of whom are on a fixed income.

He said there are a number of ways that lawmakers can make it easier for people to afford their needed medication.

One bill he’s sponsoring would allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices and promote more price transparency.

That bill was passed in the House Committee on Ways and Means in May, but has yet to be voted on by the entire House.

Kind is also pushing to lower secondary patent abuse so people can have greater access to generic medicine.

“Otherwise if they go without, they’re going to develop more complex health conditions, often times ending up in the hospital,” Kind said. “Most of the time costing us more through Medicare than what it would cost to make sure they’re taking the drugs that they need to stay healthy.”

Kind is pushing for both bills to get a floor vote this fall.

Shannon Satterlee

Shannon Satterlee joined News 18 in February 2018 as a Multi-Media Journalist.

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