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65-year-old paraplegic man attacked with tire iron in Ashland

ASHLAND (KBJR) –  An Ashland man, paralyzed from the waist down is speaking out after authorities said he was attacked last weekend.

It apparently happened in Ashland’s Super One parking lot last Saturday.

While waiting for his son to come out of Super H Foods, a 65-year old paraplegic man, who does not want to be named, noticed a woman watching his car.

The two men decided to drive to the SuperOne just down the street, and he noticed she was following them in her car.

When the 65-year-old man was alone in the SuperOne parking lot, the woman allegedly came over to his car and started beating him with a tire iron before bashing all of his windows out.

Eventually, he was able to push her away with the slide board on his van, and a man came over to stop the woman who got scared and drove away.

He believes the woman mistook him for someone else.

The man said it’s an incident he’ll never forget.

“I was scared because I was trapped. I was seatbelted in I couldn’t even move to get away from her or fight her off. We don’t need people like that running around,” he said.

The community has stepped up to help him replace his van and wheelchair, which were damaged during the incident.

The woman who allegedly attacked the man was arrested the day of the incident.

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