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Wisconsin newlyweds beg for their wedding photos back after photographer’s gear went missing

Madison (WQOW) – A Wisconsin couple is missing precious memories: their wedding photos have vanished.

Milwaukee newlyweds Alex and Chelsy Holat faced heartbreaking news after the happiest day of their lives Friday. Their photographer had to tell them their wedding photos were gone.

“They mean so much to us,” Alex said. “And we know we have so many memories down there that we want to share forever.”

Erika Diaz, from the Madison area, was their wedding photographer. “I just really care about my couples’ images and their day, and what they are losing if we don’t find this.” While the Holats lost their photos, Diaz lost $15,000 worth of equipment. “At this point, you know, nobody knows where the bag is.”

The wedding venue shared photos of Diaz leaving with the bag, so she thinks she left it in the trunk of the rental car she had. “It didn’t look like anybody broke into the car,” Diaz said. “It had been moved from where I left it.”

Diaz is working to edit her assistant’s photos from the wedding, hoping someone turns over the memory cards. “We’re just 100 percent asking for mercy and grace,” Diaz said. She’s even offering an undisclosed amount of money as a reward for getting the cards back.

The Holats are trying to stay positive. “It’s challenging, but I think this is a good sign of a good marriage to come because I think we’re both dealing with it well,” Alex said.

They’ve even set up a P.O. box for someone to anonymously return the memory cards so they can get their memories back. “We just hope that somebody that knows something heard about it and has a little bit of compassion to know that we can’t re-live this day,” said Chelsy.

Madison police say they went to the Enterprise location the car was rented from. The manager told them their workers found nothing in the car, but now Enterprise is investigating what might have happened.

Anyone with information or the memory cards can send them to the couple’s P.O. box:
P.O. Box 044105
Racine, WI 53404

Savanna Tomei

Savanna is the 6 p.m. producer and co-anchor, and also anchors the 10 p.m. newscast.

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