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Guardian homes could aid unethical dog breeding

Wisconsin (WQOW) – This year, Wisconsin lawmakers introduced a number of bills to close down puppy mills, however experts said some people might have found a loophole.

You may have seen offers for dog guardians.

Here’s how it works. A breeder gives you a dog, typically for cheap. All you have to do is return the dog when it goes into heat.

However, some breeders expect female dogs to have upwards of five litters, which is far beyond the veterinary recommendation.

That was the case in the Facebook post to a local dog group which raised red flags for Lil’ Rascals Refuge Co-Founder Alyssa Rycerz in Cadott.

She said while guardian homes can be run ethically, it’s important to do your research first.

“If you know of an abusive situation or something like that, definitely report it to the local authorities, animal control. Call the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, they’re the ones that deal with licensing for breeders,” Rycerz said.

DATCP has a list of approved licensed dog sellers on its website Click here to see the list



Emily Shepardson

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