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Wisconsin Republican leaders voice concerns over red flag laws

MADISON (WKOW) — After two mass shootings over the weekend, Wisconsin’s Republican leaders say they have reservations over Democrats’ calls to pass red flag laws.

Red flag laws allow officers or families to petition courts to temporarily take guns away from someone who is a threat to themselves or someone else.

Sen. Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said in the past that he worries about taking away gun rights from citizens. His office referred to a statement Fitzgerald made in February,

“I don’t support the government intervening to take firearms from citizens without due process,” Fitzgerald said.

In a statement Tuesday to News 18’s sister station in Madison, Fitzgerald said the legislature has plans to review new proposed legislation.

“The events that took place this weekend were tragic,” said Fitzgerald. “Hate and racism have no place in our country. As we come back for the fall session, our caucus will have discussions around all newly proposed legislation, like we always do.”

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) expressed similar concerns regarding red flag laws.

“I continue to be fearful of taking away anyone’s constitutional rights through red flag gun laws,” Vos said in a statement.

In a tweet over the weekend, Vos condemned hate “no matter what the ideology.”

“While we disagree on policy, conservatives and liberals all agree that hatred and violence must always be condemned,” wrote Vos in a tweet.

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