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Motorcycle riders band together for home bound Eau Claire boy

Eau Claire (WQOW) – A biker group is making a difference in one Eau Claire boy’s life by just simply starting up their engines.

Devyn Nelson was born with meningitis that led to neural and spinal defects leaving him bed bound with little opportunities to get out of the house or see new people.

After a request from Devyn’s mom Chrissy, last year the Faith Riders decided over 50 bikers would ride to Devyn’s house after learning that he loves motorcycles.

Now the Faith Riders ended up making this ride a new tradition.

They rev their bikes outside of Devyn’s house, and then go inside to spend some time together with their new friend.

Chrissy said that because most of Devyn’s visitors are doctors, it’s amazing what this second family has done for her and her son.

“There’s someone around that sees Devyn the real boy, not just the handicaps and the tubes and the wires and the machines around him,”  Chrissy said. “They really see him. And in every person that’s walking on the face of this Earth, there’s a beautiful soul and a beautiful spirit, and they tapped into Devyn’s.”

As much as Chrissy and Devyn are thankful for their biker family, the faith riders feel just as lucky to have the Nelsons in theirs, saying that Devyn has made a major impact on the lives they lead.

“The amount of testimonies that came out of that day,” Tiffany “Sassy” Smith, one of the riders, said. “You know, you show up and you think, ‘I’m doing something really cool for this little boy,’ but what that little boy did for so many people blows us away. It blows us away.”

This meeting was part of a the bikers’ 100 mile ride through Wisconsin, but local members say whenever they go by Devyn’s street, they always rev a little louder so he knows his friends are thinking of him.

Mary Pautsch

Mary came to News 18 in July 2019 from Sioux City, Iowa where she graduated from Morningside College with a BA in Spanish after attending Iowa State University for 3 years.

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