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Rabbits say ‘I do’ at Eau Claire Humane Association

Eau Claire (WQOW) – A wedding to top all weddings, a wedding where your hare has to be on point. A wedding where the band plays nothing but thumpers. It’s Lotus’ big day and Otis knows even he can’t mess this up.

If you have not caught on yet, Otis and Lotus are rabbits at the Eau Claire Humane Association and Thursday they said, “I do.”

Roughly 20 people attended the ceremony.

All of the glitz and glam was for more than just show.

“Hopefully it helps get them new homes and people kind of spread the word and say, ‘hey I went over to the humane association today, there’s some cute rabbits that need homes and people just kind of find out what we’re all about and what’s going on here,'” said Jessica Stewart, development director of the humane association.

For more information on Otis and Lotis and how to adopt them, click here. 

Geoff Daley

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