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07/26: Friday Find – Adoption Deal on Cats

The Eau Claire County Humane Society believes two kittens are always better than one. And to encourage multiple cat adoptions, the adoption fee for a second cat is half the cost of the first cat.

For example; the adoption fee for a kitten is $50 plus the $50 spay/neuter deposit. The second kitten would only be $25 for the adoption and the $50 spay/neuter deposit = $175 plus tax for two kittens and they get the $100 deposit back once the kittens are altered.

Even better, is adopting two altered adult cats that like other cats because the first cat adoption fee is $60, the second is $30. So you receive two altered cats for just $90 plus tax and licensing.

Adopters are encouraged to visit The Eau Claire County Human Association’s website to fill out an application. You can also call 715-839-4747. And don’t forget to stop in during their business hours to learn more about all the pets up for adoption.

Corey Viars

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