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07/25: Interview – Lemonade Day!

Lemonade Day is an annual event that helps youth learn how to set goals, develop a business plan, provide customer service and customer respect, create a marketing strategy and give back to the community. Not only do the youth learn the essentials of running a business, the event helps to instill important life lessons about life, success and themselves.

In preparation for Lemonade Day, Club staff develop lesson plans to teach the members about starting a business. They learn what a business is, why people start a business, and how to apply strategies to their own business which will be a lemonade stand.

Additionally the kids are taught about marketing their product. With that they learn what marketing is, and what key aspects to marketing a product are. They are even shown examples of television commercials, billboard and magazine advertisements and radio announcements.

The youth manage their own lemonade stands throughout the community. They are responsible for attracting customers, marketing their product, putting the customer first, and using their business plan and marketing strategies to make their first day as an entrepreneur a success.

Lemonade Day is on Thursday, August 1st. Locations of the lemonade stands can be found on the Boys and Girls Club website.

Corey Viars

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