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Country Jam has plan in place for possible severe weather

Eau Claire (WQOW) – Eau Claire County is full of the sounds of music, but Country Jam officials want you to know there is a plan in place if you hear the sound of thunder.

We all know weather in Wisconsin and can turn on a dime.

An Eau Claire County outpost is set up on the grounds and emergency plans are in place to keep everyone attending the music festival safe.

“Our main thing is to make sure that people are aware that it’s coming, that we’re aware of it and that there is a plan in place,” said Captain Joel Brettingen with the Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office. “We have plans of evacuating the whole place, we have plans for sheltering in place. The stage itself has wind restrictions on it so we’re always paying attention to that but the number one thing is always the safety of the people that are here.”

Brettingen also mentioned that self awareness is a part of the weather safety plan. You can find out what the weather forecast looks like right here.

You can also download the WQOW Weather App and take that to the concert grounds with you!

Geoff Daley

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