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NWS doesn’t find evidence of tornado in Rusk County

Rusk County (WQOW) – The National Weather Service still has not been able to determine whether a tornado ripped through Rusk County on Monday.

On Wednesday, the National Weather Service was in Rusk County surveying the damage and couldn’t find any conclusive evidence a tornado occurred.

Todd Krause, the warning coordination meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said while he was in Rusk County he wasn’t able to get access to all of the areas with storm damage because some of the land is private property.

“Damage in all sorts of different directions and pointed toward each other. With a tornado the winds are spinning inward and so the damage comes inward like that. With a down burst it is going out and away so that is the overall pattern. When you have a fast-moving system, or if the tornado is weak, you don’t have all of those factors,” Krause said.

Krause may take another trip to Rusk County and he is looking at pictures and videos to help him determine if a tornado swept through the area.


Shannon Satterlee

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