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A year of extremes: Summer heat hurts local crops

Eau Claire – (WQOW) – Local farmers are feeling the heat this summer, as their crops struggle with this hot and muggy weather.

Vendors at the Eau Claire Farmers Market said it’s been a year of extremes, and it’s messing with their plans.

First, many farms had to wait an extra month to plant seeds due to snow. Now, recent humidity has made staying ahead of weeds a major challenge.

Chris Keeswinkler, a vendor from Wheatfield Hill Organics in Durand, said this summer more than ever, her family farm relies on walk-in coolers during high-temperature days. She said whatever you pick up at the farmers market should head straight to the fridge.

“As soon as you get home it’s always great to refrigerate,” Keeswinkler said. “If there’s questions, please ask. A lot of the growers will give you tips on how to keep that freshness.”

While crops exposed to extreme heat can be more high maintenance, Keeswinkler said the heat has not yet impacted their prices.


Emily Shepardson

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