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UPDATE: 3 arrested in Eau Claire prostitution bust at massage parlors

Eau Claire (WQOW) – Eau Claire police have released even more information about a prostitution bust, including two other arrests made during the investigation.

Police say they were notified by a community member that employees at Angel Massage were performing sex acts in exchange for money at the business.

Police put the building under surveillance and learned 223 customers utilized the business in a one-month period. During that time, only one female customer was observed.

Steven Gilbert

Eau Claire police interviewed four customers and two of those customers said an employee performed sex acts on them in exchange for money.

The license holder for the business is Dongmei Greer, 55.

Police say Greer was responsible for the business’ operations as well as directing employees what to do. She was arrested for human trafficking and knowingly keeping a place of prostitution.

Xinhua Xiong

On Tuesday, two other people were arrested.

Steven Gilbert was arrested for patronizing prostitutes and Xinhua Xiong was arrested for an outstanding prostitution warrant.

“These businesses contained all the characteristics of human trafficking. There was control and coercion,” said Deputy Chief Matt Rokus.

Eau Claire police add the people associated with the businesses were living at both Angel Massage and Lucky Massage. They found several building violations, and thus the buildings cannot be used until conditions are fixed.

“Prostitution is against the law and we have the responsibility to deal with it. However, our primary concern is when people are put into it against their will and that’s what we have here,” Rokus said.

Eau Claire (WQOW) – News 18 has learned the name of a person behind bars for allegedly operating a place of prostitution.

According to the Eau Claire jail roster, Dongmei Greer, 55, was arrested for maintaining a place of prostitution.

On Tuesday, Eau Claire police shut down two massage parlors for human trafficking concerns.

According to Eau Claire police, the two businesses, Angel Massage and Lucky Massage, have been placarded after an investigation that took three months.

Police told News 18 the businesses’ license holder was arrested for keeping a place of prostitution and search warrants were issued at both businesses and a residence on Tuesday.

Police say the investigation is centered around adults and they do not think children were involved.

News 18 is expecting more information from police later in the day.

Clint Berge

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