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Veterans Tribute Foundation announces veteran park plans move from Eau Claire to Altoona

Eau Claire (WQOW) – After weeks of debate and controversy, the Eau Claire County Veterans Tribute Foundation has pulled plans to build a $2.2 million park in Eau Claire.

Now, they are setting their sights on the neighboring city of Altoona within the River Prairie development.

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In a letter sent to the Eau Claire City Council and Eau Claire County Board, members of the foundation blame elected officials for the move.

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“Somewhere along the very complicated process, the focus of some elected officials was diverted to special interests and bias,” the letter says. “Let us be absolutely clear; we will not let the message of special interest groups dilute our mission of honoring our local veterans of past, present and future.

The letter goes on to say although not everyone was on board with the project in Eau Claire, it appeared the majority were.

“In a public project of this size, we realize that we cannot please 100% of the population. However, we will bend over backward for the more than 87% who publicly showed their support for honoring our veterans.”

They say the veterans in our area have been put through too much.

“If the decision makers, whose capacity was given to them by the people would have truly listened, there would be no controversy surrounding the name of a venue meant to honor and hold these stories as sacred. Be assured that the Foundation hears you and this was one of the major factors that led to the decision to move the project to the city of Altoona.”

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