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On the Clock: Introducing UW-Eau Claire’s new Chief of Police

Eau Claire (WQOW) – A familiar face is stepping into a new role, as the chief for the UW-Eau Claire Police Department.

From sergeant to lieutenant to Room 119(A), Chief Jay Dobson has worn a police badge for UW-Eau Claire since 1996.

“I knew after high school that I would pursue law enforcement as a career,” said Dobson.

He was inspired by a path walked by his father, Steven G. Dobson, who died when Jay was in high school. His father had his eyes on a chief position, but died before he rose to that rank. Now, Jay made it there for him.

“I certainly respected what he did,” said Dobson. “Respected him as a person and as a father and what he did for a profession.”

More than 20 years ago, Dobson walked the campus wearing blue and gold. Now, he wears a badge.

“It was well worth it,” said Dobson. “I really gained a lot of appreciation for the University not only as an employee but as a student as well.”

After decades, Dobson’s heart is still here in Eau Claire.

“I’ve really grown to love and appreciate everybody and what they do here and the work that they do,” said Dobson. “And our mission. We are here for the students. And everybody plays a role in supporting the students, no matter what department they work for.”

The new position is a little different than what Dobson is used to. He said it’s like driving a desk rather than a squad.

“I’ll assist with officers and respond to calls,” said Dobson. “And than calls that come in when I am here. Walk-in complaints. Services for fingerprinting and other things, I will assist with that. Otherwise from an administrative standpoint, it’s really overseeing all the functions of the department.”

Dobson said he wants his team to help the university reach its goals.

“Whether it be recruitment of students, retention of students, making this a place that people want to come and go to school and live here,” said Dobson.

Shannon Hoyt

Shannon Hoyt started out as an intern in August 2017, moving to a full-time multi-media journalist and weekend anchor before becoming Daybreak anchor and now our 6 and 10 p.m. co-anchor.

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