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07/15: Adopt-A-Pet – Meet Enya

Because Enya is so cute, she might not be available for adoption right now!. She might already be snatched up by someone. However there are lots of kitties and cute cats just like her that are available at the Eau Claire County Humane Association.

But a little bit about Enya. She is 10 weeks old and loves to cuddle. She loves to take naps. And she enjoys eating and playing like any other good kitty does.

There is a 50-dollar spay or neuter deposit that is required if you are interested in picking up her or any of the kittens. But just look at how sweet her face is and her ears.

So make sure that you come and check out Enya and all the other cute kitties at the Eau Claire County Humane Association. For more information, you can visit their website or watch the full video above!

Corey Viars

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