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New trucker hour regulations in the works

(WQOW) – The Transportation Department is proposing a plan to change the hours of service for truck drivers.

The goal is to make the driving rules more flexible while truckers are on the road.

Right now regulations limit truckers to eleven hours of driving time, within a fourteen hour period. That means ten hours have to pass before they can start driving again.

Many truck drivers don’t want to break the rules, but feel these limits aren’t flexible enough.

One example is if a truck driver runs out of driving time five minutes away from home, they may have to park their truck for ten hours until they can drive again. Truck driver, Jay Brockway, says an extra thirty minutes could change that problem.

The White House’s Office of Management and Budget is reviewing the proposal. However, no specific rule changes have been made public quite yet

Photo Credit: (AP Photo/Tom Sampson)

Corey Viars

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