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Chippewa Valley soccer league promotes competition, community

Eau Claire (WQOW) – For the second year, an Eau Claire Parks & Recreation soccer league promoted competition and community while showcasing the diversity of the game.

The ECWorld Exhibition soccer game was held Thursday afternoon in Carson Park.

The teams are made up of players of different backgrounds and cultures, but they all share a strong passion for soccer. Officials told News 18 Thursday’s game, and the league as a whole, was a way to showcase those who play in the Chippewa Valley, and around the globe.

“Just enjoy the diversity that we have in Eau Claire, of different cultures that play,” said Julie Booth, program director for Eau Claire Parks & Recreation.  “We all just want to come together and have a great time and a lot of camaraderie, and of course compete, they are competitors.”

The players’ sense of competition is strong, but their sense of community is stronger because they love the game. “The camaraderie and the peace and the togetherness of the city,” said Larry Mboga, a striker for the Eau Claire Heat FC team. “Through soccer because soccer is world-wide. We have people from all backgrounds, all countries, so this ball brings us together.”

Right now, the league practices year-round, with games typically on Wednesday nights, but Booth said they’re looking forward to more public games in the future.

You can learn more about the Eau Claire Parks & Rec soccer leagues hereYou can learn more about the Eau Claire Heat FC here.

Samantha Wensel

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