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Just in Time: Plumbers save the day for residents at Maples Mobile Home Park

Eau Claire (WQOW)- It was inspection day over at Maples Mobile Home Park in Eau Claire.

As we’ve reported, several residents needed to repair broken sewer lines by Tuesday, or be forced to leave their homes.

Tuesday, some extra help arrived – just in time.

“It’s just shocking in general that people would be living in that type of situation that it has gone on as long as it has,” said Scott Schmidt, the owner of Schmidt Plumbing in Chippewa Falls.

For weeks, residents at Maples Mobile Home Park lived in fear of losing their homes due to unsafe living conditions, but help came along right in time.

“I made a call to the union, that’s the first people I thought of,” said Representative Jodi Emerson (D-Eau Claire). “Lets see what our union brothers can do for us and they showed up in force.”

Monday, plumbers from Schmidt Plumbing in Chippewa Falls visited the park to make a game plan to do get the repairs done Tuesday.

Owner Scott Schmidt said five trailers had major plumbing issues.

“This is the worst I’ve seen,” Schmidt said. “I’ve worked on a lot of trailers and this was some of the worst plumbing I’ve seen.”

The eight-man crew was able to get the job done ahead of schedule.

It’s a small miracle for those who feared they’d be homeless.

“We were really fighting the deadline, and all of the sudden kind of pulled out of thin air and all of the sudden we had help and it showed some light at the end of the tunnel,” said Dre Green, a resident at the park.

“It’s what plumbers do,” Schmidt said. “I mean you can’t get selective on the work you do. It’s what plumbers do.”

Environmental Health Coordinator Daniel Peterson, inspected the five trailers to make sure they were up to code.

“No placards are going to be put on the trailers today, no,” Peterson said.

As for the cost of the hard labor, the landlord Connie Woith will pay the $5,000 bill, but also wants the tenants’ help cleaning up the park.

“They need to take care of their home as well as we need to take care of their home. We will help them,” Woith said. “They pay their rent, and we get rent money. Then we can use that money to help them.”

“It’s kind of a small victory among a bigger battle,” Green said. “We have a lot of things we need to still accomplish but this just puts us in the right step with a positive attitude.”

Shannon Satterlee

Shannon Satterlee joined News 18 in February 2018 as a Multi-Media Journalist.

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