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Is the food you are giving your dog giving it heart disease?

Eau Claire (WQOW) – Being a dog owner comes with lots of important decisions about caring for your pet. Just last week, the FDA released a list of 16 dog food brands they linked to a rise in canine heart disease.

The one thing these brands have in common is a grain-free label, meaning the main ingredients are peas, lentils or other legume seeds.

Shelley Jankey, executive director of the Eau Claire Humane Association, had some advice on what to look for instead.

“Look for a high-quality food. It’s very similar to what humans would consume, so you’re gonna look for high protein. When you’re looking at ingredients, meat is gonna be your first ingredient that you wanna look for, but you’re also gonna want to look for a good mix of grains,” Jankey advised.

She said it’s about balancing nutrients with healthy fats like omega 3 and 6.

Jankey also said to avoid brands that use artificial coloring, preservatives, or corn syrups instead of whole grains.

Because some breeds may need a special diet, the best advice is to ask your vet about your pup’s needs.

Find out what brands the FDA is investigating here.

Julia Lopez

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