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Brewing Projekt hosts goat yoga

Eau Claire (WQOW) — Dozens of people in the Chippewa Valley went out to the Brewing Projekt this morning for its first ever goat yoga class.

Experienced yogis and even those who are beginners couldn’t pass up this cuddly experience.

“It’s like laughter therapy, animal therapy, and a little bit of yoga mixed in there as well,” Tracy Becker, owner of the family run goat farm, Goat Shine, said.

Becker’s fifteen-year-old daughter, Emma, said that she has bonded with a few of the goats’ bubbly personalities and says they always make her day.

“Some of them are super sweet and cuddly, they just come up to you and some of them are really really playful, they want to jump and run around and everything,” Emma said.

The goats may make for great yoga partners, but they definitely still stick to their stereotype of eating anything and everything.

“We have a few others that like to eat a lot of different things, one of them, her favorite food is actually marshmallows,” Emma said.

Two classes were hosted throughout the day, and Tracy Becker was able to reach her goal of every participant leaving with a smile.

Photo Credit: The Brewing Projekt

Carly Swisher

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