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Dunn County Sheriff’s Office celebrates D.A.R.E. graduate

Dunn County (WQOW)– After 80 hours of training, Dunn County officials will begin teaching through the “D.A.R.E.” program.

Rebecca Merryfield, with the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office, graduated from her training last Friday and is excited to roll out D.A.R.E.’s new “Keeping it Real” program.

It focuses on addressing problems in a variety of ways, and teaches kids about things like cyber-bullying, and being a productive member of society.

Merryfield says it’s centered around community involvement, and it can be positive for for more than just the kids.

“You remember the things you learn in D.A.R.E. because a lot of times it’s the first interaction you might have with law enforcement and it’s a positive interaction. Hopefully the kids keep that in their mind that we’re not out just arresting people, we’re a positive part of their lives.”

So far three schools have already agreed to take part in the D.A.R.E. program this fall

Chris Hoyt

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