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Woman reunited with her beloved 1975 Volkswagen after more than 20 years

Essex County, New Jersey (WQOW) – A New Jersey woman has been reunited with her beloved first car.

Growing up in Virginia, Amanda Dorset drove a 1975 purple Volkswagen Beetle to school in the 90s. She’s owned 11 Volkswagens since, along with VW shoes, decor, and even a dog named Bora (after a vintage version of the Jetta). Her wedding cake was even that purple Beetle she loved so much.

She went home to Virginia for the holidays at the end of 2018. A friend reached out to her and said “is this your car?” “As soon as I looked at it and I saw the color and I saw the wheels, I knew exactly,” said Dorset. “I knew it was my car.”

It was for sale on Facebook. It even still had a decal with her name on it on the back.

She paid $400 for it.

Even better, it seems Amanda may have been the last person behind the wheel. “The car has not been registered since we had it,” she said. “The car is still titled in my mom’s name.”

Now she’s starting the process of cleaning out the car, which is quite the task. “I fell through the floor trying to clean it out,” Amanda laughed. “Oh my gosh, it was just a mess. It’s a mess! It is still a mess.”

Savanna Tomei

Savanna is the 6 p.m. producer and co-anchor, and also anchors the 10 p.m. newscast.

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