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Owen Park restroom upgrades approved to accommodate all genders

Eau Claire (WQOW) – New restrooms will soon be coming to Owen Park that will be labeled for anyone and everyone to use.

As we’ve reported, city officials want to replace the old restrooms at Owen Park and add a new pavilion. The Eau Claire City Council approved the project Tuesday.

The new building will have three restrooms: a male, a female, and a single-use family bathroom. According to council member Andrew Werthmann, council members wanted to change the family restroom to include all gender types, but staff was concerned language like “gender neutral” may conflict with Wisconsin statute that may not allow cities to determine those naming rights.

Now after some research and an amendment, the council voted to change the third bathroom to be named “all genders”. “I’m really proud that we’re a city council in a city that respects diversity and inclusivity, and I’m happy that we passed this,” Werthmann said.

The project will cost $280,000 and they hope to have it done by next spring.

Justin Esterly

Justin Esterly is our Daybreak meteorologist. Justin joined WQOW News 18 in May 2018.

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