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Eau Claire Co. officials talk common lightning myths

Eau Claire (WQOW) – Tuesday is Lightning Safety Awareness Day, and local officials want to remind you what’s myth and what’s fact when it comes to lightning strikes.

“When thunder roars, go indoors”, is a common saying you may hear because seeking shelter under a tree will not keep you say. The National Weather Service says it’s a myth that trees will protect you, along with assuming your safe from lightning if it’s not raining overhead.

Officials told News 18, lightning can strike more than three miles from the center of a thunderstorm.

“Don’t go outside to confirm a storm is happening. If severe thunderstorm warnings are going off, there’s a reason for it,” said Eau Claire County Emergency Management Coordinator, Tyler Esh. “Be smart, be aware of what’s going on. With lightning, you don’t even have to be right in the middle of a storm to be affected by it.”

Esh also said if you can’t get indoors during a storm, getting in a car would be safer than outside.

A lesser-known fact, Esh said you should not use the shower during a severe storm because it’s possible for lightning to strike through plumbing.

If you’d like to check out the National Weather Service’s lists of lightning myths and facts, click here.

Samantha Wensel

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