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Inmates help expand railroad attraction at Carson Park

Eau Claire (WQOW) – Construction is now underway to add a third track to the Carson Park train ride.

The Chippewa Valley Railroad Association is getting help from inmates at the Chippewa Valley Correctional Treatment Facility who volunteered to help out.

The volunteers with substance abuse convictions are helping to lay track.

Chippewa Valley Railroad Association President Dave Peterson said they owned all the rails but weren’t able to buy spikes, ties, and hardware without a grant from the Eau Claire Community Fund worth up to $6,000.

The project is designed to provide different views and a different crossing point on the 41-year-old train attraction.

“We believe this line will give our riders an enhanced view, because the train line will be different depending on which direction you’re going now, Peterson said. “It’s also good for our members to have a brand new project.”

Peterson hopes to have a full test run by the fall.


Geoff Daley

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