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Bolton Refuge House asking for volunteers

Eau Claire (WQOW) — If you’ve got a green thumb and some extra time, the Bolton Refuge House could use your help.

Organization officials told News 18 they don’t have funding for a grounds maintenance worker, so they rely heavily on volunteers to keep the green spaces looking fresh.

Bolton Refuge Executive Director Patricia Stein said having presentable spaces helps residents feel more at home, while supporting their feeling of safety.

“Individuals who are utilizing all of our facilities, whether it’s the emergency shelter or one of our transition units, those individuals, we really want them to work on their own self as well as enhancing their safety with their children,” said Stein.

As we reported back in March, Bolton Refuge is expanding their living facilities, and they’re breaking ground in July. Stein said they’ll need more volunteers to help move furniture and make the spaces livable.

If you’d like to volunteer at Bolton Refuge, whether for immediate landscaping needs or other opportunities, visit their website, or contact officials at 715-834-0628.

Samantha Wensel

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