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WI leads the nation in deaths from falls among the elderly

(WQOW) – Research has found Wisconsin at the top of the list in the United States for deaths from falls among people 65 and older.

The CDC says deaths from unintentional injuries are the seventh leading cause of death among older adults, and falls account for the largest percentage of those deaths.

In Wisconsin, you may think icy walkways are to blame, but research says states like Minnesota or Michigan that have similar weather have much lower numbers when it comes to unintentional fall-related injuries.

So, what are some ways to prevent those injuries?

“If you do have to have rugs, some of those sticky mats on the back to help hold them in place, otherwise eliminating them if they are a major concern,” said HSHS Sacred Heart Paramedic, Jeffrey Ellenbecker. “Make sure your canes or walkers, if you are using an assisted device, making sure they are in good working order and they work as they should.”

Ellenbecker said if you do fall you can never be too cautious, especially if you hit your head. He said to always get your injury checked by a trained medical professional.

Chris Hoyt

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