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06/11: Interview – June Dairy Month!

June is the time for Wisconsinites to come together and share their pride for America’s Dairyland. It’s a title so rightly deserved for the state that leads in dairy heritage, innovation and awards.

Wisconsin dairy farm breakfasts are a tradition nearly 50 years in the making. Each event during National Dairy Month is unique, but there is one thing you can count on – the chance to learn about the positive impact and important role farmers play in their community. Join us to explore the barns, see the cows, and enjoy fresh, locally made dairy products.

Wisconsin is home to 25 percent of the nation’s total dairy farms and 95 percent of Wisconsin’s dairy farms are family owned. Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin invite you to take a moment during National Dairy Month to celebrate all the great things our signature industry brings to our state. Wisconsin’s dairy industry contributes more than $43.4 billion to the state’s economy. In fact, dairy farms contribute to Wisconsin’s bottom line at a rate of $80,000 per minute!

In celebration of National Dairy Month, upwards of 70 dairy farm families are hosting one-of-a-kind events to give us an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the places, the people, the equipment and, of course, the cows that make Wisconsin America’s Dairyland. There will be entertainment for young and old alike and don’t forget that dairy delicious, farm-fresh breakfast. A complete list of dairy breakfasts and activities can be found here.

For more information along with some recipes you can try, watch the full interview.

Corey Viars

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