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06/10: Interview – The Menomonie Blue Caps

The Menomonie Blue Caps vintage base ball team was established in 2012. That is 71 years after the original Blue Caps lasted played. Their purpose is to educate the community about the origins of our national pastime.

The Blue Caps are fashioned after the team of the same name who were a highly successful amateur club from 1882 to 1941. The team is a member of the Vintage Base Ball Association. They play by 1860 rules, wearing vintage uniforms and vintage equipment (no gloves as they were not invented yet).

On June 22nd and 23rd the Blue Caps will host their largest vintage base ball festival to date that includes ten teams, playing 2 days. The Blue Caps play at Phelan Park and the matches will take place all day. Teams will be traveling from all over the Midwest to attend. Those who attend will be able to watch base ball, purchase raffle tickets and enjoy food from Davis Dogs Food Truck.

A ladies match is scheduled at 1:00pm on Sunday the 23rd. An after party will take place at 6pm at Brewery Nonic, everyone is invited as the official Blue Caps Beer will be tapped for those in attendance.

Corey Viars

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