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Residents suggest items to represent Chippewa Valley in new state historical museum

Eau Claire (WQOW) – A new state historical museum will soon be built at Wisconsin’s Capitol Square in Madison, and organizers want to know what special part of the Chippewa Valley should be represented in their design.

Members of the Wisconsin Historical Society have been traveling across the state to find the rich history each community has to offer so they can add it to the new museum.

Wednesday they held a meeting at the L.E. Phillips Memorial Library in Eau Claire, where residents shared comments and ideas of what deserves a place in the state museum. Uniroyal was one of them, as was Presto Industries. “At one point the pressure cooker was ubiquitous. It was everywhere, and it was made right here in Lake Hallie. We have a large collection of different kinds of pressure cookers,” said Carrie Ronnander, Director of the Chippewa Valley Museum. “Sharing those items down at the state history museum would be important for them and for us.”

The Wisconsin Historical Society has many more meetings to go before it heads back to the drawing board in Madison to decide what goes in the museum. They hope to have the museum open in 2024.

Justin Esterly

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