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Daughter races EC Triathlon for mother recovering after being hit by alleged drunk driver

Eau Claire (WQOW) – Sunday, hundreds of athletes stepped up to the start line for the 2019 Eau Claire Triathlon at Half Moon Park.

While many athletes look to PR, others just want to finish and some want to cross that line for someone they love. That’s exactly what one Eau Claire high school student did for her mother. After just weeks ago, what was suppose to be a regular training day, turned for the worse.

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16-year-old Lauren Flynn had been preparing for the annual Eau Claire Triathlon for months. Flynn is no rookie when it comes to races, but Sunday’s race had a greater meaning for the North High School student.

“After what happened to my mom, it was more of just showing up for people who can’t show up for themselves and doing things for other people,” said Flynn.

On May 19, Flynn and her mother, Carrie, were out training, when the unthinkable happened. Carrie, who was biking alongside her daughter as she ran, was struck by an alleged drunk driver.

“One choice can change everything and especially drinking,” said Flynn “It’s so easy to not get in the car and drive when your drunk.”

Now, Carrie is currently recovering in a Bloomer hospital. Due to the extent of Carrie’s injuries, she wasn’t able to watch her daughter race, but Carrie was still cheering her daughter on.

“She’s probably really proud, her and my dad are my number one fans,” said Flynn. “I don’t really know who is the bigger fan, but she’s just happy to know that I could get out and do it even after what we’ve gone through.”

Flynn’s father, Shawn, said the overwhelming support for his daughter’s race and Carrie’s recovery is everything they need for the long road ahead.

“The weather is good, Lauren had a good race and we’re looking forward to going up and seeing Carrie now,” said Shawn.

The Flynn family said Carrie still has a long way in her recovery, but she has been making progress. She can even push herself in a wheelchair. Flynn is already prepping for future races, with hopes that her mom can be there to cheer her on.

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