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05/30: Adopt-A-Pet – Tour through the lobby

The Eau Claire County Humane Association has so much more here than just cats and dogs, they have lots of other animals including these finches. Today we’re getting a whole tour of the lobby!

There are finches. Look at how cute they are! They’re very vocal and they live about five years. To some people, their tweets are very relaxing. So if you are ever interested, some little songs in your house I would suggest these finches. One note about them is that they are sensitive to smell so if you do smoke, then they’re probably not the animals for you.

Here there are also some mice. They’re really cute. They’re really young. They’re a few months old, and you know they’re only a two or three year commitment. They’re also really fun to watch.

They also have Clitus the turtle up for adoption too! He’s just hanging out in the tank.

They have some goldfish as well. They’re available for free for anyone who just wants to have some fish in their home.

If any of those animals sound like a fit for your home, check them out at the Eau Claire County Humane Association. And for more information, watch the video above!

Corey Viars

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