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Student of the Month: Molly Green

Eau Claire (WQOW) – Molly Green is just days away from graduating from Eau Claire North High School. In her four years she’s created clubs, been on the National Honor Society and represented the student body on the school board.

“It’s representation,” said Molly, “especially what I learned on the school board, something that clearly effects all of us high school students and the more representation and voice and input we can have from students, the better the process and the high school experience can be for students and staff.”

She’s taken that idea of representation and made it her focus.

“Just advocate for yourself and for others,” said Molly. “Make high school the best experience that you possible can and change what you can if you see change need.”

Molly has been advocating for change and education helping her classmates learn more about politics and their role in democracy.

“Especially when it comes to local and national politics I think it’s important to be educated on it soon and as early as possible. Because you turn 18 and you vote so I guess I’m just passionate about students knowing how to vote and what the ideals are like to vote and just an educated process of picking a candidate, it’s a lifelong process and it’s a skill that is very important”

She’s planning to continue studying politics in college at Drake University in Iowa but right now she’s looking back at high school and what she would say to that freshman entering those doors:

“I would tell myself don’t be afraid to be involved or something that makes you uncomfortable or a little un-easy or something that you’ve never done before. Do it and do it well.”

Katie Phernetton

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