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05/27: Adopt-A-Pet – Meet Haze!

Haze is a big dog with lots of energy. He is currently learning manners and would love a home that can teach him some.

Because of his energy levels, his adopter should take him through mandatory training classes. You are welcome to go to any trainer you would like. Its just to assure he gets the added training he needs.

Haze can be a bit much for small kids. So a home with kids older than twelve would be best. He likes some dogs but not all. If his new family has a dog, he should probably meet the other dog before being adopted.

Other than that, Haze is smart and eager to please. He loves tennis balls, walks, and lots of play time. If this sounds like the perfect guy, check him out by heading to the Eau Claire County Humane Society or visiting their website. And for more info, watch the video above!

Corey Viars

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