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Chippewa Valley veterans weigh in on the importance of Memorial Day

Altoona (WQOW) — Many spend Memorial Day weekend celebrating with burgers, beer and boating, while dozens of veterans and community members met for breakfast Sunday morning at the VFW in Altoona, to remind everyone why we are able to celebrate in the first place.

“It’s a day for everybody to honor our veterans who fought for our country to give us the freedom we have today,” said Sonny Bierce, Altoona VFW commander.

Bierce said it is a day especially important for our fallen heroes.

“That’s what the United States is about, we were sent to go fight for our country, we did. A lot of us came home, but there’s a lot of us that didn’t come back home,” said Bierce.

Community members joined our veterans for breakfast to honor them this Memorial Day, while Bierce and others who’ve served reminded everyone of the sacrifices all veterans have made.

“People have to have made sacrifices, my grandfather, six generations back, fought in the Revolutionary War, first Pennsylvania group, so they’ve served and sacrificed to make it possible so we can have fun today,” said James Gordon of the Altoona VFW.

While we celebrate the holiday weekend, Gordon has a request.

“Have a moment and think about all the people that have sacrificed, so you can have a beautiful day or a beautiful outing or whatever you want to do. It wasn’t free, freedom isn’t free.”

If you’re interested in donating to the VFW, you can contact the Altoona Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10405 at 715-835-8643. The members raise money and donate to local non-profits and other city groups.

Carly Swisher

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