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Eau Claire small business owner joins call for increased flood-resilient infrastructure

Eau Claire (WQOW) — With recent flooding here in Eau Claire and across the country, more than 500 business leaders have signed a letter to congress, calling for more protections for small businesses from flooding.

Aaron Salmon, co-owner of Shift Cyclery & Coffee Bar in Eau Claire, joined that call. He told News 18 federally funded infrastructure can help prevent major damage to homes or businesses after flooding disaster. Salmon added the City of Eau Claire has done some things to avoid major flooding issues, such as berms, retention ponds and strategic site planning, but not every town is as prepared.

“It really impacts things like tourism and and trail systems and recreation as well,” Salmon said. “Races would be canceled, park systems will be closed, trails would be closed, and that impact tourism and recreational activities in the area.”

Salmon said flood-resilient infrastructure should also include financial assistance for businesses affected by flooding.

You can find the full letter signed by small business owners here

Samantha Wensel

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