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Olson’s Ice Cream celebrates 75 years in Chippewa Falls

Chippewa Falls (WQOW) — It’s a sweet treat that can take many of us back to our childhoods, and it’s what Olson’s Ice Cream shop has been making for 75 years in Chippewa Falls.

Since 1944, Olson’s Ice Cream has been hand-crafting their ice cream for generations of families. “You just meet a lot of wonderful people, both local people and people from afar,” said Dan Hunt, co-owner of Olson’s Ice Cream. “That’s my favorite part, the relationship building and listening to the memories that people have built over the years coming to Olson’s.”

Olson’s has been hand-scooping their “homaid” frozen treats in Chippewa Falls for nearly a century, and staff are looking forward to decades more of satisfying your sweet tooth. “Maybe 75 years from now or 50 years from now you’ll be able to say ‘I remember when I came down with my grandpa or grandma or mom or dad or brother or sister, and I remember when this special thing happened or special occasion, we came to Olson’s’,” said Hunt.

Those behind each delicious scoop said they’re always served with pride. “More than anything, really just growing those relationships with the people and becoming the place where people come to create memories. That’s really what we want to do,” Hunt told News 18.

Keeping people in the Chippewa Valley coming back year after year is what they look forward to most.  “We appreciate each and every one of our customers, and think of them as our friends, and that’s why these relationships and things that are built over time are so important to us,” said Hunt. “We hope to see you all this summer, and for another 75 summers.”

As News 18 reported Monday, Olson’s Ice Cream is set to open their Eau Claire location Friday.

Olson’s Ice Cream has been at this location (611 N Bridge Street) in Chippewa Falls, for 75 years.

Samantha Wensel

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