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Times of heavy rain and scattered thunder through Sunday

Saturday started with light rain in the early morning which turned into a gray and cool day across the region. We recorded 0.15” of rain here on the south side of Eau Claire. Temperatures struggled to get into the low 50’s for most and we’ll see that trend repeat for Sunday.

A warm front will lift out of the Central U.S. and bring with a very slight risk for severe thunderstorms overnight Saturday. The better chance for severe weather will be along the cold front of a low pressure center over Oklahoma. As it moves northeast, it will collide with the low parked over Southern South Dakota and form rain showers for much of Wisconsin through Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, some models are calling for snowfall in the northern part of the state. What are chances that any of it makes it to the ground as snow around Eau Claire? Very slim, and even then, it’s much too warm at the surface to hold any flakes.

The main threats expected with this rain event are heavy wind gusts and small hail. Due to the elevated nature of the storm development, it will be difficult for these storms to produce a substantial severe threat, but we cannot rule out the chance for an isolated cell to reach severe level. 60 mph wind gusts or 1” hail is the threshold for a severe thunderstorm. As morning rolls in, scattered thunderstorms will turn to widespread rain. Rainfall totals for the weekend will be in the 2 to 3 inch range with isolated totals being higher, so river and stream flooding will be a concern as we start next week.

Temperatures will stay on the cooler trend through Sunday, but Monday we rebound into the mid-60’s and we see the 70’s return as early as Wednesday. Although, we also have more rain and thunderstorm chances through midweek.

Justin Esterly

Justin Esterly is our Daybreak meteorologist. Justin joined WQOW News 18 in May 2018.

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