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City Council Roundup: City considers conduct policy, Kaiser Building liquor license and more

Eau Claire (WQOW)- The Eau Claire City Council is considering passing a code of conduct policy for elected officials.

The policy states members of city council must maintain personal accountability, trustfulness, honesty and fairness while in office.

City Council Member Andrew Werthmann said because of some rocky past relationships and experiences over the last few years, a code of conduct could be helpful.

Werthmann said city council members will basically be self enforcing the policy.

He said if a council member breaks the policy, first the member who feels it was broken needs to speak up, and ask the person to stop that behavior and the second time a mediator could get involved.

City council will vote on adopting the code on Tuesday.

Next Step: Liquor License Application for Kaiser Building

The historic Kaiser building in Eau Claire will soon be turned into a family-friendly pub.

Last month, the city council approved the plan to turn it into a tavern called “Rolbiecki’s.”

Now, the owners have requested their liquor license from the City of Eau Claire.

City council will vote Tuesday on the license, before the pub opens, business plans will also have to be submitted to the state to review in mid-June.

The menu will consist of pizza, wings, burgers, soup and sandwiches.

The new pub is slated to open this fall.

Proposal to Grow Vegetables for Shelters

A local flower shop wants to spruce up downtown Eau Claire.

Brent Douglas Flowers has requested to put portable planters on the boulevard of 600 South Barstow Street.

The planters would be full of flowers and vegetables. Once the vegetables are ready to be harvested they’ll be donated to homeless shelters.

Since the planters would be on the streets for 90 days, the city council must grant a permanent encroachment.

This proposed project originated in 2018 as a collaborative effort with the flower store, Beacon House, American Insurance and the Sojourner House.

Police Need New Bulletproof Vests

The Eau Claire Police Department needs new bulletproof vests.

The police department has 100 sworn officers and every uniformed officer is required to wear a bulletproof vest.  Over time they need to be replaced.

Kelly Thompson, the administrative division manager for the police department said they need 58 new vests.

At $624 each, replacing them would cost more than $36,000.

A grant from the U.S Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs and Bureau of Justice Assistance would cover half of that cost.

She said every year they apply for the grant, because everyone needs a new vest at different times, and new employees need one of their own.

“The life of the vest is five years, so it starts to break down over time. The safety of the vest decreases over time, so that’s why they need to be replaced,” Thompson said.

The city council will vote Tuesday, on whether or not to allow the police department to apply for the grant.

Shannon Satterlee

Shannon Satterlee joined News 18 in February 2018 as a Multi-Media Journalist.

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