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Student of the Month: Sierra Auleta

Eau Claire (WQOW) – Each month News 18 features an Eau Claire student as our “Student of the Month.” This month we meet an Eau Claire Memorial senior, Sierra Auleta who is looking back at her accomplishments as graduation is fastly approaching.

“I try to take everything one step at a time and focus on what I have to do right now,” said Sierra

With each step, Sierra has seen how hard work can pay off. Whether it’s varsity tennis, student council or maintaining a 4.0 she has had one goal.

“And I’ve kind of made it my goal to prove to myself that I can achieve at Memorial and I’ve been able to do that.”

One achievement is making a lasting impression on the school, while being a part of a group to improve the building, they were able to build the new school lobby while surveying students and asking for their input.

“We kind of focused on how we can improve the building as a whole for the student experience. So we will always survey our students to make sure they’re being heard and we’ve been working toward getting more outdoor seating for lunch that’s always been an issue.”

News 18’s Katie Phernetton asked her why she felt like these projects are necessary for students and for students to have a voice about.

“Everything in this building will kind of effect your experience at Memorial. And if you want to go sit outside but there is no seating that can affect your experience at memorial and maybe you won’t have as good of an outlook or you won’t enjoy yourself as much. And we’ve really tried to listen to what the students want and this is kind of something that was very important to them so we wanted to make sure they were heard.”

With graduation getting closer, Sierra is looking forward to her new path and keeping in mind what has brought her success in the past.

“For me the most important thing that has attribuited to my success has kind of been, making sure that I know myself and how to balance my own life. So there’s always going to be give and take.”

Katie Phernetton

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